Artists, Estates & Foundations


Artists’ estates and foundations are being formed at a faster rate than ever before, largely because of the rising wealth of a generation of artists who came to prominence in the 1950s. While each artist’s needs are unique, there are common themes and concerns. To serve this burgeoning market, AAP has expanded its advisory services to encompass Artists, Estates and Foundations.

Under the leadership of Christy MacLear, who joined AAP from her position as inaugural director of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and is recognized as a leader in the establishment and strategic development of art endowed foundations, the firm’s Artists, Estates and Foundations division serves artists and their families by providing the following:

  • Consultation on the formation of charitable foundations
  • Assistance in managing markets, promoting scholarship, and developing legacy-based programs
  • Financial tools to assist with estate-tax fulfillment
  • Budgetary advice and counsel on the establishment of artist-in-residency programs and other philanthropic initiatives
  • Long-range view strategic planning for future exhibitions, publications, and sales;
  • Archival organization and documentation
  • Storage recommendation and assistance