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9 November 2017

A New Age in Painting (at Last)?

By Allan Schwartzman, co-founder of AAP & chairman of Sotheby's Global Fine Arts

1950s Ad Reinhardt makes “the" last painting—and then continues to make “last” paintings until he dies in 1967. Therein he delineates the conundrum of the death of originality in painting and the perpetual urge for the medium’s mysteries, no matter how reduced, remote or seemingly pointless. 1960s Around the same time, Conceptual art renders the object superfluous. If painting isn’t really dead, it has been backed into a corner. Checkmate. Late 1970s/early 1980s Painting is back with a vengeance. It is big, bold, colorful and flamboyant—whether intentionally decorative, macho-expressionistic, imitative, derivative, or a re-enactment of that which has already been seen—it embraces, scrutinizes and repositions...


A New Age in Painting (at Last)?

Art Trivia of the Week—Smoke Signals

Legend has it that the midwife in Picasso’s birth believed him to be dead, abandoning the newborn to care for his mother instead. Picasso’s uncle, Don Salvador, saved his young, neglected soul by blowing cigar smoke in his face, an effective method to bring the child both to tears and back to life.

“Awareness Seems to Happen in Waves”

On Next Steps: Lynn Zelevansky, former director of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

By Charlotte Burns


Don’t Hate the Player

New Perspectives on Julian Schnabel

By Michael Rudokas



By Pablo Helguera


Sexshops and Siren Calls

The Must-See Show in London This Week

By Louisa Buck


Man’s Best Friend

Slideshow: Dogs in Art

By Ed Tang


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