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Everything you ever wanted to know about the art market but didn't know who to ask

21 February 2017


Episode 2: Uncovering the great art of the 2000s with David Salle and Alison Gingeras

Why is it so hard to pinpoint the important artists of this period?

BY Charlotte Burns

In this second episode of “In Other Words,” host Charlotte Burns, senior editor at AAP, welcomes…


In Case You Missed Last Issue | 14 February 2017

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Slideshow 55 IMAGES

Monumental Sculptures

BY Allan Schwartzman


Need To Know

Revolution in the Making

Market squares up to Picasso’s Cubism

BY Jeremiah Evarts


Need To Know

20 postwar artists who deserve greater recognition

Some are obscure, others are known—but all should be more celebrated

BY Allan Schwartzman


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