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Allan's Intro | 3 August 2017

Having a Fool for a Client

Being an Advisor Doesn’t Make Me Immune

By Allan Schwartzman

I have never understood the simple wisdom of clichés, adages and proverbs (or really what…


Need To Know | 6 July 2017

The America Issue

Art and the USA 

By Charlotte Burns

We have invited several people we admire to engage with the idea of America and…


Podcast | 29 June 2017

Episode 11: Changing Lanes, with Jeffrey Deitch and Lisa Dennison

By Charlotte Burns

Which is easier to navigate: the market or museums? Joining us to discuss this—and much…


Need To Know | 31 January 2017

Reading the art market

Supply, not demand, is the challenge

By Charlotte Burns

2017 came out the gate like a greyhound, bringing unprecedented political and societal change. For…