We are committed to contributing to the field of Artists’ Estates and Foundations and focus a portion of our time on developing market innovations and building knowledge by generating industry research and reports.

In 2010, the Aspen Institute reported a 360% growth rate in the formation of artists’ estates and foundations over the prior 15 years. The field is growing rapidly, but it is young and still developing. In order to advance it, we want to provide tools to help artists and their families.

Several times a year, we will commission experts to write reports on a variety of topics. Our aim is to provide clear information on best practices, lessons learned, as well as practical resources to help artists and estates navigate their legacy planning and management.

Our first studies will address the topics of “placing archives”, written by Rochelle Steiner, curator, writer, public art producer and professor of Critical Studies at the University of Southern California; and “image rights licensing”, written by Anna Raginskaya, a financial advisor with the Blue Rider Group at Morgan Stanley and previously a strategic consultant for arts organizations.

Reports and case studies will be posted here and will be available for free to all.

Other Resources:

Industry Surveys

Aspen Institute Survey on Artist Endowed Foundations (2013)

Aspen Institute Survey of the Field (2010)

Aspen Institute Artist as Philanthropist (2010)


Aspen Institute Guide for Artists (2013)

The Artist Estate: A Handbook for Artists, Executors, and Heirs (2016), published by Hatje Cantz

Artists Estates: Reputations in Trust (2005) by Magda Salvesen, published by Rutgers University Press


Facing Different Challenges in Different Phases of an Artist’s Estate (2016) Christy MacLear for the Institute for Artists’ Estates