in other words

Everything you ever wanted to know about the art market but didn't know who to ask

The Stats and Facts

Breaking down the sales by numbers

By Joe Dunning and Julia Vennitti

Steady As She Goes

Monet and Koons broke records but the auctions were mostly business as usual

By Charlotte Burns and Allan Schwartzman

Raising the Roof

By Pablo Helguera

Signs of Life

By Pablo Helguera

May You Live in Interesting Times

Highlights of the 58th Venice Biennale

By Louisa Buck and Jane Morris

Looking Back on the Biennale

The best of Venice past

By Robert Storr, Michael Trier, and Allan Schwartzman

Collecting the Biennale

An ephemeral pursuit

By Thomas Heneage

La Belle Époque

The resurgence of Postwar Italian art

By Jane Morris

Looking Far and Wide

By Pablo Helguera

Avoiding the Crowds

An alternative Venice

By Amy Cappellazzo

When Painting Was Painting

Meanwhile, back in New York

By Allan Schwartzman

Venice by Vaporetto

Your guide to city’s best art

By Antonio Homem

Making A Splash

Market Spotlight: David Hockney

By Alison Lederman

Introducing the Artist Market Spotlight Series

Analysis… In Other Words

By Allan Schwartzman

Art’s New Frontier

Market Spotlight: Ian Cheng

By Meredith Kirk with Charlotte Burns

Coming into Focus

Market Spotlight: Carrie Mae Weems

By Julia Hernandez

Hotel Room from Hell

The must-see work in London

By Louisa Buck