AAP provides advisory services for living artists as well as artists’ estates and foundations to guide them through all aspects of legacy planning.

There is a growing awareness of the need to carefully build and steward artists’ legacies. We aim to thoughtfully advise artists, estates and foundations through the challenging, but ultimately rewarding, process of creating an estate plan or forming a foundation. Our approach is artist-centered and comprehensive. We begin our work by identifying an artist’s core values and creative vision, which help us form a long-term plan for sustaining their vision.

We are equipped to provide services in two ways. We can focus exclusively on the plan, setting up a roadmap and strategy for an artist, estate or foundation to follow independently. Or, we can create as well as implement the plan, playing a more active role in legacy management.

Our team is responsive to individual vision and goals. Our work broadly includes:

  • Creating an long-term estate plan
  • Advising on foundation formation, including budget-planning
  • Planning for archive placement
  • Developing mission-based legacy programs such as grant-making and artist residencies
  • Supporting market-management
  • Identifying museums and private collections for placement or exhibition of work
  • Assisting with exhibition planning
  • Assessing an artist’s history and context
  • Generating scholarship and oral histories

We can advise on retaining the appropriate legal, financial, and accounting expertise. We also work with galleries, studio managers and other members of our clients’ teams.

We are committed to serving a broad range of artists including those who have been historically underrepresented such as women artists, artists of color, and performing artists.