Art Agency, Partners provides unrivaled expertise and guidance to private collectors looking to develop world-class art collections. In addition to advising on the development of private art collections, AAP has also begun to work with international museums, providing patronage and advisory services including the formation of new museums. 
The firm addresses two principal aspects in its work with private collections: development and management. 


Collection development services include:

  • At the beginning of a relationship with a new client, we undertake a comprehensive assessment and analysis of their collection. This is then reviewed annually to track progress
  • We work with clients to develop short- and long-term collection goals, which we articulate following a series of initial conversations and consultations, and which are regularly revisited and reevaluated
  • We provide strategic guidance on collection identity and development in order to ensure that progress is continually being made to achieve decided-upon goals
  • We identify opportunities for acquisition, sourcing works deliberately and discreetly from across the full spectrum of the art world. We present those opportunities with a full art historical and market analysis
  • We consult and provide guidance on deaccessions
  • We determine potential legal, financial and tax implications that may arise as part of the planning and development process 


Collection management services include:

  • Developing a detailed database of the collection
  • Management of all logistics for the collection, including shipping, framing, conservation, loan requests, and curated installations