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Introducing the Artist Market Spotlight Series

Analysis… In Other Words

BY Allan Schwartzman
publisher of In Other Words, co-founder of AAP & chairman of Sotheby's Global Fine Arts

In Allan's Intro

This week we begin the first in a sequence of newsletters and podcasts that will focus on the art market from fresh vantage points, publishing the first five in what will be an ongoing series of spotlights on the markets of individual artists. These are artists whose market stories are very different from what the data from auctions and art indices suggest, whether undervalued artists whose markets present inefficiencies within today’s otherwise efficient market, or overvalued ones whose markets might be ready for a tumble. We will look at artists whose evolving markets are being noticed by collectors and those whose developing markets are so far slipping under the radar.

We are also far along in our research for an in-depth analysis of a broad segment of the market in our second major collaboration with artnet News. In addition to these, and our analyses of the upcoming May auctions, we are working on lots of new initiatives and podcasts, special reports and collaborations, all of which we look forward to sharing in the near future.


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