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Special Issue: Auction Analysis

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Introduction to the Sales

In Allan's Intro

Since beginning In Other Words in January last year, the third cycle of major New York auctions has just concluded. In this newsletter we analyze the past two weeks’ sales and, for the first time, have also recorded a podcast about the results.

The art market is more complex than headlines about winners and losers might suggest. In that spirit, it has been our intention since launching In Other Words to analyze the market without favor or fanfare. Our goal rather has been to focus on specific trends and artists’ markets in the hopes of both broadening and deepening the conversation—providing analysis of various aspects of what took place in the Impressionist, Modern and contemporary art markets through this most recent round of auctions, as well as of what else is occurring in those markets which may not be so evident through published data.

In conversation with Nicholas Maclean, co-founder of the respected art dealership Eykyn Maclean, our editor Charlotte Burns and I discuss the market and the events of the past two weeks. It was a real pleasure to bring into our analysis the voice and vantage point of an esteemed colleague whose expert and meaningful insights, we believe, are all to the greater benefit of our readers and listeners.

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Postwar and Contemporary Analysis

Spotlight on Specific Artists’ Markets

Breaking Down Postwar & Contemporary by Numbers

Impressionist and Modern Analysis

Breaking Down Impressionist & Modern by Numbers

Records Set in the Evening Sales

Records Set in the Day Sales

PODCAST: Auction Talk with Nick, Allan and Charlotte

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