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Gestures of Goodwill

Where to Give

Ree Morton, The Plant That Heals May Also Poison (1974). FWA, Foundation for Women Artists, Antwerp, Belgum

In Allan's Intro

Every once in a while, I turn to people whom I respect to ask them which organizations they feel are doing essential work—that may fall outside my areas of focus, but which I might want to support. As you are considering year-end appeals, we thought to share with you a number of exhibitions and arts organizations that you may or may not already be aware of. All serve our field and its healthy development and are therefore deserving of your patronage, should you be so inclined.

One of the most fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in recent years is the Sotheby’s Prize, which we have discussed in previous issues. As you may recall, we awarded the prize to two institutions and named three other exhibitions that we felt were highly worthy of acknowledgment and commendation—but there were many other exhibitions that we found to be compelling and worthy. So, in the spirit of the prize and in the hope that it might encourage a widening frame of reference, we identify here nine exhibitions that will be significant, groundbreaking and are worthy of your attention.

In addition, we have listed ten great, highly productive and organizationally-lean arts institutions that do ground-breaking work all year round, each in need of wider acknowledgement and support. They each serve the development and understanding of art in essential ways that often fall outside the scope and attentions of the marketplace.

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