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Everything you ever wanted to know about the art market but didn't know who to ask

Museum Acquisitions of Work by Women Peaked a Decade Ago—and Have Stalled Since

Despite talk of progress, just 11% of all acquisitions have been of work by women

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin
Research By Julia Vennitti

Case Studies: How Four Museums Are Making Change Happen for Women Artists

New approaches to old problems

By Charlotte Burns with Julia Halperin

Charting Gender Inequality

Data visuals show stagnation in the numbers

By Beatriz Lozano

Our Methodology

How we gathered and examined the data

By Charlotte Burns with Julia Halperin

Female Artists Represent Just 2 Percent of the Market. Here’s Why—and How That Can Change

The market for work by women doubled over the past decade—with five female artists accounting for 40.7% of that total

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

Critical Meltdown

Art reviewing in crisis

By Jane Morris

The Market for Female Artists

Where do they outperform men?

By Michael Klein

Pushing Boundaries

Ten LGBTQ+ emerging artists of note

By Michael Rudokas

An Under-Appreciated Artist

How Scott Burton changed sculpture

By Allan Schwartzman

State of the Union

Ten artists whose voices telegraph across time

By Jonathan Griffin

A Great American Painter

The innovative work of Laura Owens

By Matthew Thompson

Mid-Year Market Report

What dealers were saying at Art Basel

By Charlotte Burns

Auction Week by the Numbers

Recapping the stats and facts

By Joe Dunning and Julia Vennitti

What the May Season Tells Us About the Art Market

The hits, misses and key trends

By Charlotte Burns and Allan Schwartzman

La Belle Époque

The resurgence of Postwar Italian art

By Jane Morris

Making A Splash

Market Spotlight: David Hockney

By Alison Lederman

Art’s New Frontier

Market Spotlight: Ian Cheng

By Meredith Kirk with Charlotte Burns

Coming into Focus

Market Spotlight: Carrie Mae Weems

By Julia Hernandez