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Everything you ever wanted to know about the art market but didn't know who to ask

Uncommon Talent

Market Spotlight: Kai Althoff

By Allan Schwartzman

A Postwar Pioneer

Market Spotlight: Alberto Burri

By Allan Schwartzman

Endangered Species

Why game-changing group shows have never been so rare

By Jane Morris

What Makes Museums Great?

Money, morals and metrics

By Charlotte Burns

On the Ground in Hong Kong

Fair sales, a KAWS for concern and Asian market analysis

By Charlotte Burns

Funky, Funny and Fussy

Reassessing the Pattern and Decoration Movement

By Jonathan Griffin

Hyperreality and the Market

Dispatch from Frieze Los Angeles

By Charlotte Burns

The Do’s and Don’ts of Death

On Preserving Legacies 

By Jane Morris
Research By Michael Klein

From Bill Traylor to Jim Carrey: Who’s an Outsider, Anyway?

An Analysis of “Outliers” in Museums and the Market

By Jonathan Griffin

Sex is down, spirituality is up

What the 2018 Sotheby’s Prize applications tell us about museum trends

By Charlotte Burns

A to Z of auctions

Our take on last week’s sales

By Charlotte Burns

Houston, we have an exhibition in space

This month, art is launched into the final frontier (again)

By Jonathan Griffin

Tracking the art that came to market as the crisis struck

What happened to works that hit the block in November 2008?

By Madeline Lissner

“They can’t wait and wait because then I’ll die and it’ll cost big bucks”

Case studies: three artists from different generations

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

Mapping the numbers

Infographics of the data

By Charlotte Burns and Chelsea Perkins

“From a dealer’s point of view, there is a huge opportunity”

The combined auction value of work by African American artists is $2.2bn—just 1.2% of the global total

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

“I would have thought the needle would have moved more”

Just 2.37% of museum acquisitions over the past decade have been of work by African American artists

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin


How the Data Was Gathered and Analyzed

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin