in other words

Everything you ever wanted to know about the art market but didn't know who to ask

Move Your Body

Groundbreaking performance art is thriving

By Melissa Levin

“Content” is King

What stands out amidst the noise

By Jane Morris

What We Miss the Most

Art that stands out in hindsight

By Jane Morris and Christian House

A Revolution in Exhibition-Making

Galleries and museums rush to meet new realities

By Jane Morris

The Second Grand Quarantine Contest

Judgement day for home-made masterpieces

By Allan Schwartzman

Binge to Your Heart’s Content

Diving into the archives to bring you some of our favorite shows

By Charlotte Burns and Allan Schwartzman

The Most Important Museums Opening This Year

There’s no sign of a slowdown in building new institutions

By Jane Morris

An “Industry of Vampires”

As the art world navigates new frontiers of progressive politics, many parents in the industry feel left behind

By Rachel Corbett

“What Are We Cheering? We Should Be Protesting!”

Artists, curators, directors and more respond to the data

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

Criticism is Not Static

A black feminist perspective

By Jessica Lynne

Censorship is Art’s Biggest Obstacle

Why it damages the profession

By Christian Viveros-Fauné

Writing in China

When words bow down to commerce

By Lisa Movius

Everyone’s a Critic

WANTED: Nuance and transparency

By Louisa Buck

Introducing the American Issue #3

Who has a voice in today’s culture?

By Charlotte Burns

The Return of Melodrama

On nostalgia and neo-noir in contemporary culture

By William J. Simmons

Time to Use Our Outside Voices

On protest and art

By Aruna D'Souza

The New Canon

Seven queer painters taking on history

By Harrison Tenzer

Queer Abstraction, Then and Now

Visualizing the complexities of desire and sexuality

By Jared Ledesma