Most of our work with is confidential, and requires the utmost discretion. All of our work is artist-centered, highly customized and responsive to individual vision, values and goals.

Some examples of our work to-date include:

  • We have been working with a prominent living artist on the planning and establishment of an ambitious eponymous foundation that will fulfill the artist’s legacy and philanthropic goals
  • We have been engaged by the estate of a recently deceased artist to provide consultation and assistance in placing or selling the archive to a museum or academic institution
  • We are consulting on the adaptation of an architect’s home into a public center for arts and design
  • We are working with the estate of an artist whose legacy and market have been historically under-recognized to build the artist’s market and identify a gallery for future representation
  • We are working with an artist on the compilation of a comprehensive oral history and on the promotion of future scholarship

An artist’s estate has enlisted us to advise in the development of a physical center to carry on their legacy by housing the archive and making it publicly accessible