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Episode 16: Contemporary African Art

Guest Zoe Whitley and host Charlotte Burns. Photo Credit: Jamie Govier

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

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“Romare Bearden was asked in a 1972 interview with Camille Billops how he would define black art, and he said that black art is the art that black artists do,” says Zoe Whitley, curator of international art at Tate and co-curator of “Soul of a Nation”. “If someone were to say: ‘What is white art?’ you might say the Italian Renaissance, but you could equally say the German Renaissance, Rembrandt or English painting. Black art is as varied as that.”

Joining us in London to discuss contemporary African art are Zoe Whitley, Osei Bonsu (the curator and writer) and Hannah O’Leary (head of Modern and Contemporary African art at Sotheby’s).

In a broad-ranging conversation covering the diversity of contemporary African art as well as the growth in its market, we also discuss the challenges of bringing more recognition to artists who have lived or worked on the Continent or been part of its diaspora

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