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Holiday Listening

Artists Gilbert & George with host Charlotte Burns. Photo credit: Sandy Smallens

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Here are some holiday listening suggestions, selected from previous episodes of the podcast that you might have missed. We have some exciting guests lined up for the New Year, starting with MoMA director Glenn Lowry and artist Tavares Strachan, so stay tuned in January.


Happy Holidays!


-Allan and Charlotte




“We all want to live forever. We tell our younger friends we do it because we want to be immoral. They say: ‘Don’t you mean immortal?’ I say: ‘That, too.'” 

Artists Gilbert & George

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“Does it really come down to this? You have to be in the top ten to exist in this kind of new art history?” 

Jeffrey Deitch, gallerist and former LA Moca director on “Changing Lanes”

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“Institutional racism is real. Systemic exclusion is real.”

Tate curator Zoe Whitley on “Contemporary African Art”

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“The idea of a de-centered museum in a de-centered metropolis is emerging as a strong idea.” 

“Reshaping Museums” with Lacma director Michael Govan

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“If you want to be a player in the art business, I think you need to be working towards an exhibition at all times.”

“Art and Desire” with artist Walter Robinson

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“You have to be out there—you have to be meeting with artists, seeing exhibitions and taking it in, without any preconceived notions.”

“Emerging Art” with 2017 Whitney Biennial Curator Christopher Y. Lew

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“They’re printing money so much faster than art that art has to go up much more than stocks.”

“Lust for Life: Collecting Art” with Herbert Lust 

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“We’re getting into a really slippery slope when we say who can take on what topic and what’s off-limits.”

Naima Keith, deputy director, California African American Museum, on “Inequalities in the Art World” 

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“The human race is moving in a direction of coming together, and culture will play a big role. Is that a straight line without setbacks? Probably not.”  

“Globalization and Its Discontents” with former Guggenheim director Thomas Krens 

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“20-some years later, it feels as though I’m having to work just as hard. The stakes are just that much higher, and it feels just as much as on a knife-edge as it ever did.”

“Hypercapitalization” with gallerist Gavin Brown 

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