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In Case You Missed Episode 12: Reshaping Museums with Michael Govan

Guest Michael Govan © Museum Associates/Lacma

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

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Michael Govan, the director and CEO of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, joins us for a special feature podcast from California. We talk about the future for Lacma—from the transformation of the campus to the possibilities of sharing the collection and opening branches elsewhere. We discuss subjects from fundraising and philanthropy in LA, the role of museums in brokering cultural identities and the importance of “embracing the power of difference” to VR technology in art.

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Michael Govan: The idea of a de-centered museum in a de-centered metropolis is emerging as a strong idea. You could literally run a space in South Los Angeles, and then run a space in San Fernando Valley. There would be no overlap in audiences between Wilshire Boulevard, San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles. None. You think about it: “Oh, do you have to send your collection abroad to have it seen by different people?” Maybe you just have to send it over the hill or down the avenue far enough in this spread out place. Yes, we’re talking with the community there about whether it would make sense to put a branch of Lacma in South Los Angeles where we could bring collections, but also internship programs, our huge education programs, our collaboration with schools. That’s a different way of sharing and thinking. There need to be more conversations between big organizations and small. I often find that the small institutions are light on their feet and more innovative than we are as big institutions. So, the more partnerships we can make with small institutions—we can share our infrastructure, they can share their ideas—more can be done.

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