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3 October 2019

Special Issue: Women's Place in the Art World—Why Recent Advancements for Female Artists Are Largely an Illusion

Museum Acquisitions of Work by Women Peaked a Decade Ago—and Have Stalled Since

Despite talk of progress, just 11% of all acquisitions have been of work by women

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin
Research By Julia Vennitti

Female Artists Represent Just 2 Percent of the Market. Here’s Why—and How That Can Change

The market for work by women doubled over the past decade—with five female artists accounting for 40.7% of that total

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

Case Studies: How Four Museums Are Making Change Happen for Women Artists

New approaches to old problems

By Charlotte Burns with Julia Halperin

“What Are We Cheering? We Should Be Protesting!”

Artists, curators, directors and more respond to the data

By Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin

An “Industry of Vampires”

As the art world navigates new frontiers of progressive politics, many parents in the industry feel left behind

By Rachel Corbett

“Am I Surprised? No.”

But the grim facts are startling

By Allan Schwartzman

Charting Gender Inequality

Data visuals show stagnation in the numbers

By Beatriz Lozano

Our Methodology

How we gathered and examined the data

By Charlotte Burns with Julia Halperin

Slideshow: Works Acquired in the Past Decade

What museums have been buying

By Julia Vennitti

Collecting in Depth

By Kaitlin Chan
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Editor Charlotte Burns