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22 March 2018

Amalia Dayan (left) and Daniella Luxembourg (right)

#27 What’s on the Menu with Daniella Luxembourg & Amalia Dayan

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

The gallerists Daniella Luxembourg and Amalia Dayan specialize in cutting-edge Contemporary art and overlooked 20th-century art. They have in common with AAP co-founder Allan Schwartzman a passion for postwar Italian art and, during this podcast, the trio talk about the market for art from this period.

Luxembourg & Dayan also discuss this current moment as one of real transition in the broader market, with tastes and demand shifting. In this episode, which is moderated by host Charlotte Burns, they speak about the difference between their London and New York businesses (Europe sells and America buys) and what impact Brexit might have. They talk about ugliness and struggle in art; the fall of Empires; and their own personal obsessions—art and food.


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Editor Charlotte Burns