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25 October 2018

Left: Cecilia Alemani. Right: Ingrid Schaffner. Photo credit: Matthew Magelof

#42 Large-scale curating, with Cecilia Alemani and Ingrid Schaffner

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

How do curators discover or decide to commission art? Joining our host Charlotte Burns for a conversation about the future of biennials, triennials and other group shows are Cecilia Alemani (director and chief curator of High Line Art and the artistic director of Art Basel Cities) and Ingrid Schaffner (curator of the 57th Carnegie International, which recently opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). They talk about how they view the role of the curator, and about getting off the beaten track. They discuss topics including the intersection of politics and art, and reveal the best art they’ve recently seen.

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Editor Charlotte Burns