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Infinity and Beyond with Artist Tavares Strachan

Guest Tavares Strachan with host Charlotte Burns

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Whether hauling ice from the Arctic, partnering with SpaceX or training as a deep-sea diver, the artist Tavares Strachan works on an ambitious scale—often at the cutting edge of technology. He largely operates beyond the gallery model, instead relying on patrons, partnerships and collaborations to create innovative works of art. 
The Bahamian-born artist, who was recently appointed to the MIT and RISD boards, is interested in overlooked or forgotten histories and “operating in a state of play”. His work ranges from multimedia installations to large-scale earthworks and is often an exercise in creative problem solving. Speaking to our host Charlotte Burns, he says: “If there’s a way that art can actually affect the way we think about the world, it is forcing us to think about the gray, about where we overlap and how we’re actually the same. If we spend more time focusing on that as an exercise, we may be able to move some immovable ideas.”
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