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Putting Things in Perspective

What to write about at a moment like this?

It feels besides the point to prognosticate on what may happen in the art market in a few months time

In Allan's Intro

What to write about at this moment? Every time I begin something, it feels inappropriate. When so many people are suffering right now—physically, emotionally, financially—my sorrows and joys, or my prognostications on what may happen in the art market feels beside the point. The scale and scope of pain and fear that people are living through stuns me. The market may be on a pause, but life itself is not.

So, I am grateful to our contributors, who have written for us about the ways in which they are getting through lockdown. Next week, Charlotte and I are recording a podcast in which we will focus on the issues of the moment. But for now, I defer to our In Other Words colleagues.

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