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Special Issue: Secrets of the LA Art World

Part I: The Hills

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

WITH Tim Blum
co-founder, Blum & Poe

In Films

In the first of five videos, we begin high in the Hollywood Hills where Tim Blum (co-founder Blum & Poe) and Charlotte Burns (senior editor, In Other Words) introduce the series.


Scene 1

[The scene opens at Tim Blum’s home in the Hollywood Hills. Host Charlotte Burns talks with Tim over an espresso.]

Charlotte Burns: Hello and welcome to In Other Words. I’m your host Charlotte Burns and joining me today for a special episode from Los Angeles is Tim Blum. Tim, here we are in the Hollywood Hills.

Tim Blum: Here we are indeed.

Charlotte Burns: You know the dominant culture here has always been movies, and so the way that that filters into the art world is really interesting.

Tim Blum: Of course, a lot of our clients and collectors are in the business on both sides of the camera. You know, it used to be sort of [that] there was just a handful of talent, and then much more of the collecting and buying was, say, in the offices, you know.

Charlotte Burns: Behind the scenes.

Tim Blum: But it’s changed so much. Many more than ever before are actively engaged in looking at, thinking about and acquiring art. It’s not like it’s the last two or three years that LA has been an important center.

Charlotte Burns: Right.

Tim Blum: LA has had great art and artists here for quite a while. In this global marketplace, collectors will buy wherever the best work is available.

Charlotte Burns: So, we’re going start our day here in the Hills, and then we’re going see where the day takes us.

Tim Blum: Absolutely.

Charlotte Burns: I’m looking forward to it.

[End scene]

Scene 2

[Tim and Charlotte drive through the winding roads of the Hollywood Hills.]

Charlotte Burns: It’s interesting cause the scene here is so different than New York or London—which, by the way, are so different from each other—Paris, anywhere.

Tim Blum:  I mean, it is that way, but I mean keep in mind that both London and New York are sprawl.

Charlotte Burns: Certainly.

Tim Blum: If you’re going see New York art world, really thoroughly, you’re covering a shitload of ground.

Charlotte Burns: Yeah. And you guys have a presence in New York. Are you going to expand that?

Tim Blum: We’re working on that. Yeah, we’re looking at how we want to operate in New York on a little bit more of a permanent manner. We get a lot of work done there just by virtue of being there.

Charlotte Burns: Yeah.

Tim Blum: Having a gallery of any scale, if you’re in the mix. Especially since we have the big footprint in LA, and we also have the gallery in Tokyo. The gallery here in LA is like the mothership, and these two galleries—Tokyo and New York—are really like arms, you know. They extend outward.

Charlotte Burns: Do you think the two artists who have brought the Hollywood Hills to popular culture the most are David Lynch and David Hockney?

Tim Blum: Yeah, perhaps so. Yeah, for sure. Right up here, the blue topped roofline, this is Hockney’s house here and home studio. He’s mostly living and working in this place now.

[Shot of the blue roof of David Hockney’s home studio]

Charlotte Burns: I like that little pop of color, seems quite Hockney.

Tim Blum: So, imagine now being Hockney and leaving, and he would basically leave his house, go down this road, all the way to Nichols Canyon, which we’re going to take down into the city. And then he ended up of course painting much of this, including Nichols Canyon and Great Ways. And his painting studio, which is still there, for decades has been on Santa Monica Boulevard in Little Russia.

We’re now at the bottom of Nichols Canyon, and we are in Hollywood proper. In a block, we’ll hit Hollywood Boulevard here.

[End scene]

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