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Secrets of the LA Art World

BY Charlotte Burns
executive editor of In Other Words

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In this series of five short videos from Los Angeles—In Other Words’ first foray into film—Tim Blum, co-founder of Blum & Poe gallery, takes us on an insider’s tour of LA. Discussing everything from Kanye West to institutional critique as they drive around the city, Tim Blum and our host Charlotte Burns talk about topics from LA’s cultural scene to critical issues of social justice; from Californian architecture to what Blum calls “the machine that’s been created from the explosion in the art market”.


Watch the films here


Part I: The Hills

In the first of five videos, we begin high in the Hollywood Hills where Tim Blum (co-founder Blum & Poe) and Charlotte Burns (senior editor, In Other Words) introduce the series.  


Part II: Do You Think Art Can Change the World?

“You wonder how much has really changed; how much improvement is there?” In this episode, Blum discusses issues from #MeToo and race in America to “filling in the gaps” of overlooked art histories as he drives around LA with Burns. 


Part III: You Gotta Breathe

Blum and Burns discuss the art market; the pressure to produce work and participate in “the machine”. They visit The Underground Museum, which has quickly emerged as one of LA’s most influential art spaces since its opening in 2012.


Part IV: Peak LA

Blum talks about artists and spirituality, and discusses running galleries in New York and Los Angeles. He and Burns visit the Schindler House, a small oasis in the middle of the city, characteristic of the best of Californian Modernist architecture.


Part V: The Gallery

In this final episode, Blum and Burns talk about the business of running a gallery—and staying relevant—over several decades. On a tour of Blum & Poe, Tim Blum talks about how he likes to stir controversy.

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